We are the “Oprah Effect” for social media; we’ve expanded, adapted, and improved upon a winning formula for brand success.

Winning Formula.001 One of the most powerful and explosive things that could happen for any business, was for Ms. Oprah Winfrey to introduce or gift a brand to her studio audience, in-front of her viewing audience.   This formula caused traffic and sales to explode for these brands.  The bottom line is… her words moved thousands to action and her impact on business is worth billions.  Now, where she was one… Gatekeepers Media is many.

Oprah helped brands by sharing their products with a small studio audience, in-front of a large viewing audience.  We partner with many celebrities and social influencers, empowering them to share many different products to a large social audience, in-front of the largest viewing audience ever… THE INTERNET. Gatekeepers Media is a solution for national, regional or local brands to cut through the noise of advertising and deliver their brand sample to an eagerly awaiting audience of potential customers.

We are the ONLY company that will buy 100% of the samples required for your campaign and cover upfront costs as necessary.


Brian Ayers

When I first heard of GateKeepers Media and the revolutionary yet logical use of social media and crowd funding to generate business for growing companies…I wanted in!

From the first conversation with Michael and the GKM team I knew that this was well thought out and structured for success.  With a product like LTF6 it is much easier to gain a client after they have tried the product but the cost of providing a “free 30 day supply” is cash flow prohibitive.

The GKM model eliminates these barriers and makes marketing a win-win-win situation.  Wouldn’t you know it…there is something new under the sun.

Brian AyersCEOLTF6 & Ayers Naturals