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Brian Ayers, LTF6 & Ayers Naturals

When I first heard of Gatekeepers Media and the revolutionary yet logical use of social media and crowdfunding to generate business for growing companies…I wanted in!

Brian Ayers, LTF6 & Ayers NaturalsCEO
Georgio Moussan

“…you’ve flipped the model upside down in a very creative way and I’d like to find a way for us to work together.”

Georgio MoussanDirector of Marketing, reLASH Beauty
Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter

We know first-hand how a word from the right influencer can transform your business. Now they can share the experience too!  WOW!

Lisa Price, Carol’s DaughterPresident

People get to discover and experience your brand through powerful social influencers.

Brands get exclusive access to our network of celebrity influencers who invite their fans and followers to experience your brand for free. Our social distribution platform, Swaghookup, empowers celebrities to share the “Swag Lounge Experience” socially.

The first time you get paid is from us.

We can purchase up to 100% of the required products for a social marketing campaign on Swaghookup, whether its one thousand or one million units.


Available to help brands

The second time you get paid is when people buy your products.

Historically, product sampling drives the most sales.
We scale it for social media and make it affordable.

Sampling secures considerable results in both brand awareness and loyalty, according to Arbitron.

We get paid through a fixed royalty based on product sales.

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