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GATEKEEPERS MEDIA helps small and mid-sized brands get discovered and build massive consumer-awareness.

For the right brand we will cover 100%of the upfront PRODUCT, DISTRIBUTION and OPERATIONAL expenses


Gatekeepers Media is not your typical promotions agency;

we celebrate, support and finance “boot-strapping.”

We are the evolution of discovery commerce, benefiting more  than just the brands we engage with… we empower all that come in contact with our platform.  We are a team of visionaries that believe in the win-win-win scenario. Over the years we’ve watched businesses fail; not because they had a bad product or bad management, but because they failed to generate sufficient public awareness about their product or service.

Advertising your way to brand awareness is becoming an increasingly more difficult and expensive proposition. Previously powerless consumers now have DVR’s, ad-blocking software, ad-blocking devices, turning off ads physically and psychologically (Ad-Blindness). With display advertising being rendered less and less effective, the cost to acquire a customer via traditional methods is increasing. Unfortunately this is a metric that all to many business owners overlook or have turned a blind eye, which is understandable in the absence of an  effective solution.

GATEKEEPERS MEDIA is an effective and efficient solution.  We enable brands to scale beyond their current financial capacity to advertise, reach new customers, deliver better consumer value and penetrate the advertising callous all consumers have developed.  We do this by scaling an existing or creating a massive, social sampling campaign with zero upfront costs. Payments to GATEKEEPERS are made based on a percentage of future sales.


    Awareness is the precursor to commerce.
    It is as illusive as, it is obvious.


    An experience makes an indelible mark that can be recalled instantly.


    Engagement is the action that demonstrates commitment.
    The truly engaged have made a purchase.


Brian Ayers

When I first heard of GateKeepers Media and the revolutionary yet logical use of social media and crowd funding to generate business for growing companies…I wanted in!

From the first conversation with Michael and the GKM team I knew that this was well thought out and structured for success.  With a product like LTF6 it is much easier to gain a client after they have tried the product but the cost of providing a “free 30 day supply” is cash flow prohibitive.

The GKM model eliminates these barriers and makes marketing a win-win-win situation.  Wouldn’t you know it…there is something new under the sun.

Brian AyersCEOLTF6 & Ayers Naturals